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Changing the experience for you and your family


Lifesprk’s expertise as a premium home care provider is just the beginning. Discover how Lifesprk’s whole person senior care services are transforming the industry with unparalleled results, and changing the experience for you and your family.

Senior Care Services

Whole Person Senior Care

Looking for caregivers, respite, or in home care? Start here. You’ll find out what whole person senior care is and how it differs from other options. Hint: it’s about looking at you as a whole person, sparking lives to help people enjoy their independence longer, and living life in a richer more fulfilling way . . .

Lifesprk Home Health

Lifesprk Home Health brings the Lifesprk philosophy and approach to the Medicare-certified services you need after an illness or injury, or whenever your physician orders them. Discover your gateway to an ongoing coordinated system of support and guidance that looks at you as a whole person, adjusting to fit your needs and wants…


North Memorial Health and Lifesprk have partnered to offer an innovative option for preventing and shortening hospital stays, ensuring you have the option to return home as quickly and safely as possible.

Combining Lifesprk’s whole person senior services with North Memorial Health’s full continuum of services, Hospital@Home creates a high-level experience for you and your families in the privacy and comfort of your own home– to recover and empower you to be as independent and healthy as possible.

Hospital@Home services work much like your care in the hospital. You will have an assigned primary nurse who will connect with you twice daily, through video on an easy-to-use tablet that they will set up for you or through safe, in-person visits as necessary. You’ll also regularly see your medical provider and get other services you may need such as lab testing all conveniently in your home.

Lifesprk Open House

This COVID-19 global pandemic is forever altering the future of humankind, and it is largely playing out in people’s homes and the community. The community has emerged as the new frontier for health and wellness, where people achieve their best health.

As good stewards of peoples’ health, especially our most vulnerable senior population, Lifesprk has the opportunity to develop the alternative delivery system that helps us discover and understand local need, and then effectively deliver those vital resources and support to the heart of the community.

Join us as we respond to the needs of our neighborhoods by facilitating the exchange of goods, information, and expertise between people living in the local communities to earn trust by listening, learning, and responding.

The Lifesprk Open House will serve as a physical vehicle for change, bringing wellness and connections into the heart of our communities to foster neighbors helping neighbors so we all age magnificently.

Lifesprk GO! - Senior Transportation

Reliable senior transportation remains a top priority for seniors and their families. That’s why Lifesprk partnered with Envoy America to fill a much-needed gap for our clients and seniors within the Twin Cities communities. This opportunity provides a better experience for seniors having someone they can trust escort them wherever they are going, assist them during their excursion, and wait for them during appointments. But that’s just the beginning, this transportation is more than a transportation service – it’s helping people go wherever they want giving them autonomy and independence, safely.