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Lifesprk is for those who choose to stay in control and refuse to retire on life. Who value their vitality and demand the very best care and advocacy to help them live the healthiest, most independent life possible - something we call living a “sparked life.” At Lifesprk, we put everything we have – our people, passion and purpose – into delivering state-of-the-art solutions that improve quality of life for seniors. As a whole person senior care provider, we’re simply the best in the industry at providing short and long-term care when a senior needs it most.

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Dramatically Reducing ER & Hospital Visits

Seniors experience other life challenges beyond the physical ones. When left unchecked, they too, can lead to frequent ER visits and hospitalization. That’s why our team of dedicated experts created the Lifesprk Experience™ - a whole person senior care solution that is personalized to address the uniqueness of each individual. Our proprietary approach has cracked the code and is transforming the industry with unparalleled results - reducing client ER visits by *62% and hospitalizations by *50%! That translates into significantly lower long-term costs for clients and the system. Plus, Lifesprk has one of the highest client satisfaction and care worker retention ratings in the industry.
*Source: 2019 data

Senior Care Satisfaction


At the heart of our whole person senior care solution is our Life Managers. Our passionate, registered nurses are not only experienced in the senior care industry, they are elevating the meaning of care to an entirely new level. By combining the art of compassionate care with our scientifically proven, proprietary methods and discovery process, they become the trusted advocate for a person’s whole life – encompassing everything from health and wellness to purpose and passion. So wherever seniors call home, our Life Managers will be there every step of the way to help them enjoy their independence longer, and live life in a richer, more fulfilling way.

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"I’m constantly giving Lifesprk a good word and referring people to Brightondale due to the great nursing services. I go to so many assisted living buildings and most newer ones are really nice looking but do not have the care that you guys have!"

Jenna Eldstrom, Lifesprk Client

"I could never have cared for my wife alone. Ethel went above and beyond talking with physicians on our behalf so that we could have a better knowledge for what was happening with Sue’s progress. This level of care enhanced our relationship."

Walter Seidlitz, Lifesprk Client

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