Lifesprk Launches Transportation Service for Seniors

Lifesprk has entered into a partnership agreement with Envoy America to provide an innovative co-branded transportation service called ‘Lifesprk GO!! Powered by Envoy America,’ to seniors as part of Lifesprk’s 7 element partner offerings.

“Seniors need our support now more than ever. Despite ‘stay home’ orders, many seniors still require life-sustaining treatments including kidney dialysis, oncology, and infusion treatments. Additionally, many struggle to get the supplies they need to remain healthy and safe at home,” said Joel Theisen, BSN, Lifesprk CEO. “Community-based initiatives, including transportation options, will fill a critical need in helping seniors stay healthy and safe while home in the weeks ahead. Additionally, as many people are laid off or furloughed, this provides a temporary income for those looking to make a difference for people in need.”

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