Bill Thomas: Home Care Providers Need to Get into the Real Estate Game

In an interview with Home Health Care News, Lifesprk Medical Director, Dr. Bill Thomas said, “The reason I’m working with Lifesprk is that they’re one of the only companies that’s combining whole person care with population health. If you look at a lot of the action with population-based health contracts, most of the companies are slicing off the most complicated patients and doing intensive disease management…What Lifesprk is doing is different in that, instead of just taking the most acute patients and managing them very aggressively, Lifesprk is oriented around the idea that if you can help lots of people make decisions about what matters in their life and what they want to achieve … you can actually improve outcomes.”

Check out Bill’s full interview in Home Health Care News as he shares his insight on the home care industry, more on why he joined Lifesprk, and how his company Minka is transforming how seniors age and live the way they want.  Read on!