Lifesprk Receives Deficiency Free Re-Survey

Welcomes Opportunity to Share Learning with Other Providers

Lifesprk took a situation that many licensed home care providers were facing – increasing incidence of correction orders from home care surveyors – and turned it into an opportunity to evaluate its quality management program to better position the company not only for excellence in client service and expansion in the future, but also to help other providers in similar situations. 

According to Care Providers of Minnesota, over the last several years, home care providers undergoing surveys in Minnesota have seen the number of correction orders increase to the point where few providers were deficiency-free upon routine survey.

“Last year, we were in the midst of our technology conversion to an electronic medical record when the survey team arrived resulting in correction orders that were mostly related to documentation. We serve 560 clients every day in both the community and housing with services settings, and the survey results affected only a handful of clients,” Theisen explains. “Despite the fact that the clients and families involved didn’t feel the documentation affected the excellence of their care, we were not happy with these results.Lifesprk Deficiency Free Review

“Our team dug into the issues with determination and spirit,” he adds. The outcome: Lifesprk restructured their quality management program, creating four levels of auditing and monitoring in addition to ongoing training and the creation of simple to use job aids. The program is now simpler to administer and provides opportunities for both in-person and structured training as well as more focused orientation for new staff through timely auditing and follow-up instruction.

The results, he notes, can be seen in the fact that Lifesprk is 100% correction-order free.

Theisen offers, “We want to be a resource to other providers and welcome the opportunity to share our best practices to improve the process and outcomes for everyone. We are in this business together – and this is a great opportunity to work collaboratively to improve the survey experience and outcomes across the board.

“We are stronger in our quality and compliance than ever, and feel well-positioned for the new home care regulations being implemented in 2014,” states Theisen, noting that some of the 1,300 home care agencies in the state have never been surveyed or have gone longer than 5 years since the last survey, all of which will change with the new survey process in 2014.

“At Lifesprk, we’re committed to working with all providers to raise the bar beyond meeting our state compliance regulations.”

For more information on Lifesprk’s quality management program, call 952-345-8770.

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