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Sparking Lives Starts With Us and You

Our Team

Committed to Sparking Lives

“They say culture trumps strategy, I believe culture is strategy” – Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of Lifesprk

Lifesprk’s mission of sparking lives starts with our people. We know from experience that employees who aren’t engaged or don’t believe in the mission of our company can’t share their passion with each other or our clients. If that doesn’t happen, our clients’ lives can’t be sparked, and neither can our team’s. At Lifesprk, we devote just as much time nurturing our team as we do nurturing our clients, strategic partners and referral sources.

Our Leadership team has almost 200 years of combined experience in home and senior care. Our industry is highly volatile and uncertain with tremendous operational demands. Culture and leadership have been at the center of Lifesprk and all we do since our inception as an organization in 2004. The importance of our people and our organizational culture has been built into our mission and values.

Purple Passion In Action

Team Pride


Culture Awards and Accolades

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