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Meet the Lifesprk Leadership Team

The Lifesprk Leaders share a true ‘purple’ passion for seniors. As innovative thought-leaders in Twin Cities senior housing and home care management services they are sparking lives.

Together they bring almost 300 years of experience in hospice, home health, senior housing, and care management services to change the experience for seniors – people in the second half of life – and everyone around them including their own team. They’ve created an award-winning culture filled with people passionate about sparking lives. Take a moment to find out what sparks each of them.

Joel Theisen

Joel Theisen, RN

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

The spark starts here! I am founder and CEO of Lifesprk, formerly AgeWell.

My vision is clear: change the experience for people in the second half of life. My true joy is to see the spark in peoples’ eyes: customers, families, partners, employees, professional referral sources – I want them all to shine on. I may be known as a business innovator, earning numerous accolades, however, my work is not done until we have sparked the lives of millions of people in the second half of life.

Through the years, our team has seen far too many people on the roller coaster of crisis and that is just not acceptable. Our goal is to help people build a pathway to what is most important in their lives so they can live the healthiest, most independent life possible – what we call living a ‘sparked life.’

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joeltheisenrn

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Tom Schmitt


Tom’s spark comes from being a champion for changing health care business models to better reward and recognize improving quality of life and wellbeing – the foundations for person-centric care.

From the moment Tom learned about Lifesprk, he’s been intrigued with the purpose, passion, and most importantly the vision and he firmly believes that enhancing life experience should be an integral part of the health quality outcomes for which we strive. When you focus on sparking lives – you achieve significant improvement in Triple Aim outcomes.

Linked In Profile: Tom Schmitt

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John Fraser

John Fraser

Chief Technology

My personal spark is all about making the most of the life I have been given and the lives of those around me. When I first heard about Lifesprk and their goal of sparking lives by discovering client’s passions and helping them achieve their goals, I knew I had to find a seat on the bus and see how my technology background could help. I’m leveraging my entrepreneurship and technology leadership to deliver the ultimate experience for clients and employees. Using technology, I can help spark their life and keep them connected and engaged.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbfraser

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Karen Carney

Karen Carney

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Throughout all my experience, I’ve been driving toward creating a better model of support and guidance for people – one that helps them really live life on their terms and helps them avoid the pitfalls that can derail them. Education and proactive support have been the cornerstones of my marketing philosophy. I’ve worked in hospitals, home health, skilled nursing care, clinics, senior living, and hospice, and to me, Lifesprk takes the best of all those models and goes further – truly creating an approach that puts the person first, and enables them to set the agenda and identify THEIR goals for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenlcarney

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David Kieffer

VP, Sales, Navigation & Business Development

The spark for our client is evident. But for me, it’s more than sparking just one person’s life that we touch, it’s also including those around them, too. When we shift the caretaking responsibilities off of loved ones and into the hands of professionals, both the client and their caregivers get more time to spend on things they enjoy most and get much needed emotional support to continue to keep their life balanced and sparked.

LinkedIn: David Kieffer


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Matt Kinne

Vice President, Population Health

The Lifesprk ‘spark’ is contagious – At the center of everything we do, including our proven results and award winning culture, are our people who are sparking lives. It’s our people and their passion that is the fuel igniting the lives of individuals every day – squarely focused on changing the experience for people in the second half of life –  igniting more than 5 million lives by 2020 – now that’s exciting.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/matt-kinne/13/6b1/9a4

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Carol Stanley

Vice President, Operations, LSE & Compliance

Every day I am sparked… by an idea, a challenge, dance, joke, picture, poem, question, song, story, thank you, thought, wish ….endless treasures from incredible people that illustrate, in their own unique way, their passion for our work.  To play some part in making space for this genuine expression and sharing is why I joined forces with others to create Lifesprk.  Moving forward mine is one in an ever expanding collective spark that has the power to drastically improve the experience and outcomes for seniors.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolstanleylifesprk

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Lisa Weber

Vice President, Home Health Operations

We know that isolation is fatal. That’s why from the very start, we have been dedicated to developing a model that works in partnership with other providers and companies. My passion is to unite our efforts with others seeking to change the experience for people in the second half of life. Together we are building systems of excellence that address the full set of life challenges that people encounter as they grow older. That’s my spark!

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Mitch Voss

Director, Finance

Passion, compassion and action spark Mitch, and for him, Lifesprk has all three in spades. From the minute he joined Lifesprk, he knew it was the right fit for him professionally and personally – the culture inspired him to jump on the bus and be a leader with an integral role in growing Lifesprk and taking the company through their exciting journey to change the aging experience.

Mitch brings nearly 10 years of experience in finance, with the last 5 in the healthcare market. Prior to joining Lifesprk, Mitch was a Finance Manager for OptumInsight where he streamlined finance processes and provided business leadership with valuable analytics and decision support. He was also the Finance Manager for Optum Clinical Solutions and Optum Health Information Exchange. Mitch also served as a senior auditor at Ernst & Young.

Mitch holds a bachelor’s in business administration and a master of accountancy from the University of Wisconsin. He is also a certified public accountant (CPA) from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitch-voss-cpa-75365125

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Beth Nemec

Director, Life Care Navigation

Proactive guidance and mutually respective relationships matter most when working with referral sources and potential clients. I know the difference Life Care Management can make for seniors to keep them on the path to living healthier and independent longer. For me, it’s all about choice and making sure people have all the resources and information they need to make the right choice that works for them so they can live a sparked life.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethnemec

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