Wisdom in Client’s Answer to the Holiday Magic Conversation

Mary Claire O’Brien, a nurse and Lifesprk Life Care Manager, asked two of her most long-standing and beloved clients what they wish for as they age. <break> They both said– ‘we have everything we want.’ At ages 91 and 95, they really look forward to Mary Claire’s visits but otherwise feel content.

This answer had Mary Claire pondering – “Maybe we spend too much time feeling restless, wishing for what we don’t have. Here are two very wise people who are perfectly happy with what they have.” She added, perhaps part of that contentment stems from having their needs met, which Lifesprk helps make possible, but part comes from within. “This is a gift of wisdom they have passed on to me, and for which I’m grateful,” said Mary Claire.

Perhaps the real magic happens when you look at your second half of life and feel that contentment. We can wish for more things, more opportunities, more sparks, even more time, but no matter how many times we shake that wand, it’s up to us to live the magic – the gift of each day, and make them shine.

What do you think? Do you have all you need to spark your second half of life? Join the conversation….