Warming the Spirit Even When it’s Warm Outside

It’s hard to feel the spark when temperatures are below freezing. Before you get ready to lie on the couch, snuggled up in those warm blankets and sleep away the cold afternoon, why not get up and dance?

Get moving. Ignite the spark, even in winter. Staying connected, even in the winter months, to the community around you can warm your spirits in ways you never thought possible. Movement, dance and human interaction can re-energize that same spirit and send your mind dancing, welcoming new possibilities.  

KAIROS Alive is an organization that is transforming and revitalizing individuals and communities through interactive dance and story to liberate the healing power. They help people like you create a sense of community and well-being for all ages and walks of life through dance and storytelling.

At Lifesprk, we know the power of connecting and the happiness joining others can bring.  Yes, we know it’s cold out but we encourage you to get up and get moving. Dance, listen to the stories – connect with people.

Grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and listen to Maria Genne, Director of KAIROS Alive and Lifesprk 7-element partner on Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Heroes series, part of All Things Considered, this coming Monday, January 28 between 4-6 pm (CST) at 91.1 FM in the Twin Cities.

And if dance is what you are looking for – see KAIROS Dance™ perform with One Voice Mixed Chorus this Saturday, January 26 at 3 and 7:30 pm.

Why not try something new or reconnect with your community. You never know what might happen; you might just start dancing and ignite that inner spark.