Changing Aging with a Smile & A Rose

Transforming Valentine’s Day Into a Random Act of Caring for Seniors

What does it take to bring a smile to your face?

Follow #CupidCrew and #Lifesprk on social media to check out what more than 100 volunteers from across the Twin Cities are doing today – Valentine’s Day – to bring a smile to the face of 1,000 seniors. And it will be sure to bring a smile to your face, too.

Lifesprk has partnered with Wish of a Lifetime, a national wish-granting organization, to transform Valentine’s Day into a day of Random Acts of caring for seniors.

Volunteer “Cupid Crews” comprised of students and team members from both Lifesprk and SilverCrest Properties are visiting four SilverCrest Properties campuses today to share a smile, a conversation, and a rose.

“We see the power of what may seem like small gestures of thoughtfulness,” explains Joel Theisen, RN, CEO & Founder of Lifesprk. “But these gestures are so much more than that. You can see it in the eyes of each senior as well as the smiles and contagious energy of each volunteer and team member.”

He added that while many studies show the positive health and social value of these efforts, especially when cumulative and continued over time, in reducing loneliness and social isolation and improving health outcomes for seniors, these gestures ‘spark the lives’ of everyone involved. That’s a win-win-win.

“We need more organizations banding together for these efforts,” Joel urges. “We know isolation is fatal, and to truly changing the experience of aging, we need more people joining forces. We give heartfelt thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Random Acts for starting this Cupid Crew event which is now expanding across the nation. It is just one more way we can help promote the need for and value of a person-centric – or what we call a ‘whole person’ – approach.”

We encourage you to follow the smiles on social media with the hashtags #CupidCrew and #Lifesprk. Smile on!

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