Karen Peterson, BSN, Executive Director Honoring Choices Minnesota

We came in to meet with Toby Mullenger to learn about senior housing options in the Twin Cities. My mother-in-law has been reluctant (to say the least) to start this conversation, but within a few minutes of meeting Toby she was sitting up straighter and engaged, feeling pleased with herself for - as he deftly pointed out - being smart enough to start this process now, before it's medically necessary. Toby just knew all the right things to say to get her feeling confident and involved in the discussion, as opposed to fearing we were trying to push her into a situation she didn't want. His attitude, tone of voice, and of course the wealth of knowledge he shared - everything together made the meeting go so much better than we (her children) ever anticipated!

We all had been dreading (and avoiding) this topic for several years, for various reasons. One hour with Toby changed everything. He empowered us to recognize the value of starting early, he encouraged us to have fun with the process, and he gave us the gift of remembering this is truly an act of love. THANK YOU for having Toby available to families like ours. What we gained was immeasurable and invaluable.