Sparking the World Starts with You

It starts with you

Lifesprk wants to spark the world and it starts with your story. Richard Leider, founder of Inventure, The Purpose Company and chairman of Lifesprk’s advisory board, shares that when you communicate your story it can be a powerful reminder of what’s important to you. He says, “once you clarify what makes your heart sing, your offer will come to life!” To do this, he adds, “you must share your story with your key ‘connectors.’ You cannot inspire others unless and until you are inspired yourself.”

Every one of us has a spark. . .something we do or love that makes our heart sing.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we want to raise awareness of the power of sparking lives and demonstrate how infectious it is! At Lifesprk, our mission is to spark lives, especially for people in the second half of life. We know that when you spark others’ lives, you can’t help but spark your own. Our goal is to help seniors and their families build a pathway to a life with purpose and passion in the face of any of life’s challenges — that’s what we call ‘a sparked life.’

We want to know your spark…

Sprk10We invite you to share your spark, then pass on the opportunity to others. Our ‘Spark the World’ campaign engages people in a conversation about what’s important in our lives. This online conversation creates a forum for you to share your story, connect with others and inspire them with your photos of what sparks your life. When you share your photo it starts a new conversation on aging.

Is your spark listening to your favorite music? Perhaps it is writing, or shopping with friends (which is what some of our memory care clients did recently), or maybe it is going fishing. It may be driving a race car, or driving a golf ball. Is spending time with friends and family your spark? It can be anything! So let’s get started.

How does it work?

Lifesprk is putting a spin on the The Flat Stanley Project, which connects children with other children in classrooms across the world. Cut-out ‘flat Stanley,’ created by the children, is sent digitally or through the mail to share Stanley’s adventures and track where it ends up. We created our own ‘flat spark’ or Sprk10 image for people to share and take a photo with it doing something that sparks their life. Then, they will post on Lifesprk’s Facebook page to share and connect with others!

Why share your spark?

This campaign will highlight the people we’ve met over the past ten years, people who are living proof of what a whole-person approach can do to change lives. It also invites people we haven’t met yet to join the conversation and share their spark. We all face life challenges, which can interfere with our spark and cause us to lose joy, direction, passion and purpose. We want people, especially those in the second half of life, to have a different experience — one that helps them tackle any of life’s challenges and quickly gets them back to living a sparked life.

It all starts by igniting a conversation.  What’s your spark? What inspires you? How can you inspire others to share their story? How will you start it? What are the pieces of your story that you want to communicate with others?

Join us!

Will you join us and help spark the world? Visit our Spark the World campaign web page to learn more. Then watch for photos from people from all over the world who capture themselves in spark-filled action!