Sparking lives starts now

Last month we unveiled our brand transformation from Agewell to Lifesprk. If you’ve been following, we’ve talked a lot during this time about what this transition means here on our Seek On blog.

As you can see, our goals are big and ready to ignite!  We are looking to change the current system and help people step off the roller coaster of healthcare and into a new type of thinking and action in the second half of life. With our 7 elements of Wellbeing model we can help people live independent, purposeful, passion filled and sparked lives!

We’re taking many new steps in this big transition that we’re excitedLifesprk2 to share with you.  Some of these steps included taking the leap into social media (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest) to get our message out, creating our first blogs, hosting our first Dream Rally and the biggest step of all – expanding our continuum of options to include Lifesprk Connect, and Life Care Management.

Although we offer private-pay home care we are not simply a home care company!  We are a life experience company.  Creating a totally different experience for people in the second half of their lives and their families which is a huge first in this industry.

Yesterday we celebrated another big first. We revealed our first billboard to announce to the world that Lifesprk is here and ready to change the world. The billboard is located at 1st Avenue & 7th Street, near the Target Center, and as you can see from the picture, is a beautiful addition.

To celebrate our team got together and attempted another first – our version of a flash mob. We had sparklers, cameras and even a few people standing in the middle of the street to get the pictures! After the exciting unveiling we celebrated as a team with food and fun at a local restaurant.

Our team and our amazing community of connected people (that includes you) will make our ambitious goals of changing the experience for people in the second half of their lives a reality. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to share, reflect and grow with us. Stay connected by signing up now to receive our quarterly newsletter full of great information to spark your life and the lives of your loved ones. Shine On!