#SparkedSelfie Holiday Campaign

With over two weeks to go until our holiday campaign ends, we are feeling sparked ourselves as we go through the more than 75 photos and comments people have shared with us – thank you for your spark! This campaign was meant to inspire others to share what sparks them. While some are getting creative with props and glitter, others are sharing more personal moments that spark their lives.

We’ve learned over the past ten years that in every person lies a spark just waiting to be expressed – that is an ageless opportunity. But what defines your spark is completely up to you. When you feel, embrace and find ways to unleash it – we will know – it can be seen in your eyes as they light up when you are doing something that makes you whole.

Our clients are people who refuse to retire on life. Countless client stories have demonstrated how a spark often gets buried within when people need to focus on medical challenges, pain or chronic illness Ruth and Billinstead. When we address those life challenges and focus our efforts on purpose and passion using a whole person approach, that is what really changes the aging experience for so many seniors and their families. The first step is believing there’s an opportunity to express your spark in the midst of any life challenge, and then embrace what’s needed to make it shine bright again. At Lifesprk, we believe.

Wanda1And so this holiday, we celebrate the end of our tenth anniversary celebrations with a little spark and hope you’ll join us as we spark millions of people’s lives, one spark at a time.

Holiday SparkedSelfie Campaign

Join the fun by posting your SparkedSelfie on Lifesprk’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. We will give away one $25 gift card each Monday now through January 4. A grand prize of a 3-month subscription for a grandPad will be awarded on January 4. The more photos you post, the more chances to win! Share our holiday campaign with others so they can join the fun. Visit our SparkedSelfie page for more information.

Spark On!