Marynetta and family

Trial and Error

The staff caring for Mary Larsen’s mom Marynetta began to notice some changes – she seemed more forgetful, confused, and unsteady on her feet. She would rearrange the furniture in the building lobby.

She had fallen, and was supposed to use a walker to help her recuperate but didn’t like using it so she became increasingly socially isolated.

Mary and her family were worried. “It was hard for me to sort this out,” Mary explains. “I don’t have any siblings anymore to help deal with the situation, and I’d never faced this before.”

She really needed a guide – a trusted advisor – who knew what to expect with the changes Marynetta was facing and could help the family understand what options were available to make informed decisions to plan ahead.
She found it with her Lifesprk Life Care Manager (LCM). What’s more she found that her LCM became an invaluable guide because it wasn’t as if one change happened and it was done. Mary, Marynetta and their family were facing a series of ongoing changes and needed guidance at each step.

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