Ruth Halverson

Senior Housing: What to Look for . . . From Someone Who Has Been There

At 90+ years of age, Ruth Halverson has some advice she wants to pass on to her peers.

“Those moving to a senior residence don’t believe that assisted living is something they will ever need. It can happen suddenly and to anyone, and can change your life forever. I suspect families are more likely to be interested that this ‘security’ is available for their loved ones.

“After living independently for 13 enjoyable years, and in an assisted living community for 2 years, I’ve found my ideas on what is important to look for in senior housing have changed. I’ve found that the community I chose offers those important benefits, things I really didn’t want to think about . . . Are you independent, for instance, if you’ve had a serious fall (a seniors’ greatest peril) and cannot walk alone, cannot take a shower alone, or handle caring for your apartment? Parkwood offers what you can no longer do for yourself?

“I find assisted living is a great deal, and I’m so grateful every day I’m here, and yet near my friends on the independent living side.”

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