Amazing What A Little Discovery Ignites

“During a visit with a married couple, I was discovering their goals and priorities as part of our Lifesprk Experience™, asking questions that made them think and share, and even brought up their emotions.

“Many things were addressed during that conversation, and they were lamenting things in which they used to more readily find their self-worth. I explained our Lifesprk Experience model and that the time I was spending with them was to actually get to know them, not just to ask questions regarding their health and then bid them adieu,” explained Elizabeth.

The questions are designed to help Lifesprk clients’ identify their own goals and priorities, things perhaps they had thought were gone or something they’d like to get back to. That’s when a cardinal landed on a tree branch outside, and it led to a conversation about the client’s love for birdwatching, and the lament that if only his birdfeeder was filled. He was no longer able to do it himself. “I can do that,” said Elizabeth, and she did.

She adds that those little sparks “can create a fire… if you’re careful, that is!” So, take the time to ask the questions – to discover – because those little sparks then catch fire.

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