Medicare Home Health Doesn’t Cover All Needs

It is a common misunderstanding that Medicare Home Health – which is an excellent program – covers everything people need for long-term care. While Medicare Home Health may be enough in some situations, most people find that they need support beyond what Medicare will cover:

  • Acute, not chronic: First, Medicare is a program designed to help people with acute care, e.g., when someone needs to go to the hospital or is recovering from an illness or injury. Many health conditions are chronic in nature and need ongoing support that is not covered by Medicare Home Health.
  • Short-term: Medicare Home Health is designed to be short-term in nature, with the average person receiving these services getting just 36 visits per year, and usually for less than a month.
  • Homebound: To be eligible for Medicare Home Health, you must be homebound which is defined as having a condition that ‘keeps you from leaving home without help’ and ‘leaving home takes considerable and taxing effort.’

As a result, Medicare Home Health is not an effective long-term solution to meeting people’s needs at home.

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