grandPad Offers Easy, Safe Connection to Family & Friends

One of the most challenging things about today’s technology is using it. And it usually isn’t built with people in the second half of life in mind. That’s why Lifesprk has partnered with grandPad to offer a Lifesprk version of a grandPad – a small tablet computer custom built for seniors to stay connected, easily, to their purpose, passion and people they love.

The grandPad delivers personalized music and connects people to their family and friends or Life Care Navigators with the push of one button. It also has several games that enhance cognitive fitness already built into it such as Soduko, crossword puzzles, solitaire and many more to stimulate motor skills and coordination. Family members and friends can easily share photos from vacations, graduations, weddings, and old photos with their older loved ones so they feel connected to what their family is doing. They can even video call loved ones so they can talk live with them and see them in person, whenever they want to connect. Joan, a current grandPad user said, “I push a few buttons and you’re no longer alone.”

The Lifesprk grandPad is available to clients and families (and anyone who wants it). It’s an all-inclusive cost with no contract – just a month to month subscription that includes full replacement whether it is lost, stolen, dropped, or damaged. The best part? No WIFI is needed. Families administer the secure network through a simple web portal and families and friends connect via a free grandPad app on their own smart phone or tablet. And no cords – just one simple charging cradle.

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