Determining What’s Best For Everyone

What’s the Best Place to Start?

My friend was at a loss when her mother-in-law began to experience some health issues as she didn’t know where to begin to ask questions. She wondered how she could balance protecting her loved one with respecting her and supporting her wishes. One sister-in-law’s response was to encourage (well, sort of demand) mom to move to get more support. The family worried about her safety and felt she needed more care. As often happens, this only prompted my friend’s mother-in-law to dig further into her independence – there was no way she was going anywhere. A seemingly insurmountable impasse began.

Increasingly studies are showing that it is critically important to build patient engagement if we want to improve outcomes. What better way to build engagement than to start by asking ‘what is most important to you?’ That’s what we do at Lifesprk with our Discovery process. It helps to get everyone aligned on what the goal is, and because it is your loved one’s goal, she’ll be more likely to comply with the steps necessary to reach it. Try it, it works.

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