Soaring Once Again

Soaring Once Again

While in the Air Force, Mel Michiels worked in North Africa as an airplane mechanic preparing bombers. He’s also been a flight instructor, pilot, painted planes, and did sheet metal work. His work with planes continued once he was back in Minnesota. He worked 2-3 times a week on planes at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota.

One of his proudest moments was painting the plane for renowned airplane racer Steve Wittman, who was inducted into the Motor Sports Hall of Fame in 1998. Mel was also honored with the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  after 50 years of service in aviation maintenance.

So as Mel began working with Lifesprk and his 90th birthday approached, his Lifesprk Life Care Manager, recognized the critical role that planes and aviation had played in his life and looked for an opportunity to reignite his aviation identity.

The answer was a field trip to the Commemorative Air Force Museum in St. Paul, Mel’s old stomping grounds.

“It was just amazing to see Mel’s face when we visited the museum! We learned so much from him, and I had goosebumps the whole time,” his Life Care Manager explained. See Mel’s full story at Soaring Again on this 90th Birthday.