Spark Your Life With Dance

Spark Your Life with Dance: Join Kairos Alive on January 21

When we hear music, the spark starts and our bodies move often before we’ve even conscious of it. We hear the beat, the next thing we know we are tapping our feet. 

Research now shows how important music and all the arts are to our lives and overall wellbeing.

Join Kairos Alive of Minneapolis for a special showing of the ARTS & the MIND, a popular PBS 2-part series that features several Twin Cities arts organizations. The program explores the vital role the arts play in human development during both young and old age through stories and cutting edge research.

The Kairos event features special guest Irv Williams (master jazz saxophonist). After the video, a panel of local artists and Maria Genné, Williams and Heidi Van Heel from TPT: Engagement, Promotion, & Interactive Producer TPT National Productions will discuss innovative possibilities for Hennepin County and Minnesota to impact quality of life and positive health outcomes. – See more at: