We are ready to fully launch Skedulo on December 14. When this transition occurs, Vision will no longer be in use. Please make sure you are ready for this transition to occur because it will impact how you are paid and how our clients are billed. On December 14, your payroll and client billing will originate from ‘punches-in’ when you arrive at the client’s home and ‘punches-out’ when you have completed your services for your client.

Here are a few key reminders:

  • Make sure you get paid correctly and on time. To be paid promptly and without error, you MUST ‘punch in’ and ‘punch out’ when visiting a client. Inaccurate or incomplete punches on your timecard will impact your paycheck and potentially delay corrections to your payroll.
  • Don’t wait – start using Skedulo now. Even though Vision will end on December 14, we encourage you to start using Skedulo now. Start to familiarize yourself with using Skedulo to ‘punch-in’ and ‘punch-out’ so it becomes part of your normal routine – you no longer will need to use a timesheet with Skedulo. We have created several training documents to be used as guides to help you get ready:
  • You’ve got this! We anticipate learning curves using new technology and we are here to support you. It’s also why we are encouraging you to start using Skedulo now, this will give you time to ask questions, get comfortable using it, and get the support you need so you are fully ready for December 14.
  • Ready to rock December 14. Payroll will be pulled from ‘punches-in’ and ‘punches-out’ of Skedulo starting on Monday December 14, 2020.

Where to get your questions answered about Skedulo:

  • Contact your staffing specialist at 952.345.8770 or email communitystaffing@lifesprk.com for:
  • General timekeeping questions,
  • If you missed a ‘punch-in’ or ‘punch-out,’ or,
  • Need a refresher on the Skedulo tool or process
  • If you are unable to login to Skedulo, call the IT Helpdesk at 952.873.7388
  • For any other technical issues with the Skedulo tool, please submit a ticket with the IT Helpdesk by submitting an email to:  ITHelpdesk@lifesprk.com