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Our Whole Person Senior Care Results Speak For Themselves

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We don’t just say we’re the best…we prove it every day! Lifesprk is one of the only private-pay providers in the nation measuring outcomes and providing proven results that are transforming the industry. Through our evidence-based methods, we track and measure client outcomes across the areas that make the vital difference between just surviving and thriving!

  • Hospitalization Reduced by 73%

    Did you know the national average hospital cost for a Medicare beneficiary is $12,200*? Lifesprk’s Whole Person Senior Care dramatically reduces hospitalization by 73%. That means our clients’ money lasts longer, and they remain independent longer!

  • ER Visits Reduced by 52%

    Did you know the national average cost for an ER visit for people over the age of 65 is $1,062**? Because Lifesprk’s Whole Person Senior Care approach is proven to reduce ER visits, we are able to save seniors and their families thousands of dollars, not to mention emotional trauma and calls in the middle of the night.

  • Highest Client Satisfaction

    Our clients give Lifesprk one of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry. Lifesprk measures Net Promoter Scores (nationally benchmarked customer satisfaction and loyalty scores) to help guide our progress. Scores range from -100% to 100%. Scores approaching 50% are considered exceptional. Most companies score between the 5% and 10% range, however, Lifesprk consistently scores over 40% with our clients.

  • Highest Employee Retention & Engagement

    At Lifesprk we carefully screen and hire the very best care team members and we keep them longer. This means more consistent and higher quality care for our clients. Our employees give Lifesprk an exceptional Net Promoter Score of 68.18%, which has led to the following awards:

  • Nationally Recognized

    Our proprietary approach is transforming the industry with unparalleled results and gaining local and national attention.

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  • Highest Quality of Life

    We go beyond hospital and ER results to track and measure key Whole Life Plan outcomes. This ensures we are meeting the needs and desires of each person in our care and sparking every life!

*Healthcare Cost & Utilization Project Statistical brief #181, by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
** Health United States 2012 – With Special Feature on Emergency Care, by Centers for Disease Control