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Making a difference in people's lives

Proven Results

Lifesprk’s proven results give you a powerful mix of measurable data and inspiring stories that woven together provide example after example of how Lifesprk makes a difference in the lives of clients, families, our staff, and everyone around us.

Soar On!


Stories may bring the Lifesprk Experience to life, but measurable results provide data to demonstrate our Lifesprk’s model effectiveness, saving money and reducing heartache.

Proven Results

Client Stories

Maxine’s goal: ride in a red convertible. Despite dementia, Beverly wanted to keep playing music – and did. Vern just wanted to go home to ride his lawn mower – even though doctors and others told him he’d never live on his own again. Kaye lamented giving up her passion for painting. Real client stories illustrate how Lifesprk makes a difference.

Proven Results


From national thought leaders like Dr. Bill Thomas to clients, families, and local professionals, they all have something to say about Lifesprk, and you can find their comments here.