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Lifesprk Health

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Lifesprk Health is an on-site primary care provider – we come to you, in the comfort of your own home, to help address your health concerns to keep you independent and healthy, longer. Our goal is to help you minimize the rollercoaster of health care crisis™ and decrease hospitalizations and ER visits by offering a convenient approach to keeping your health in check.

Lifesprk Health’s whole person primary care services offers a convenient option that addresses your health with a care plan that extends beyond your visit and focuses on:

  • Primary care that supports your life goals, not just your health concerns
  • Better communication for you and your family about goals and care
  • Proactive, coordinated approaches to managing chronic and acute conditions
  • Regularly scheduled visits in your home
  • Collaboration with other health care services and professionals
  • Helping you maintain the most independent life possible

With Lifesprk Health you also get 24/7 access to Lifesprk Navigation services using a whole person approach to support you long-term. This added benefit helps connect you to the resources you need to live healthy and independent longer.

You can turn to Lifesprk Navigation for questions about additional services, concerns about an upcoming procedure, hobbies, or even information on local yoga programs. With Lifesprk Navigation you get personal, professional guidance to what’s important to you.

About Us

Lifesprk Health accepts Medicare and most major insurance companies.

Designed to spark lives, Lifesprk Health provides primary care services that go beyond traditional medical providers using the Lifesprk Experience™ – a whole person senior care model that gives you the ultimate in care and guidance personalized to your needs and goals.

Want more information? Read our brochure for the benefits of Lifesprk Health or refer to some of our frequently asked questions.


Preparing For Your Visit: What to Expect

We’re so excited to start the journey of whole person health with you. At your first visit, the primary care team will spend about an hour getting to know you and understanding your health needs, wishes, and values. You are welcome to encourage an advocate such as a family member to be with you during the visit. Communication is an important part of our model and we will keep both you and everyone involved in your care in the communication loop. Together we will start building a health plan that supports your Life Plan.

After your initial visit, your primary care team will visit regularly, based on your individualized needs. Generally, most seniors are seen every 1-2 months, with chronic care management services to support, monitor, and identify health changes.

Prior to your first visit with us, please download these two documents and fill them out:

  1. Member Registration Form
  2. Member Health History

These additional forms require signatures and may be filled out prior to your visit or during:

  1. Consent for Services & HIPAA
  2. Consent for Chronic Management Services
  3. Authorization for Release of Health Information
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices
  5. Permission to Communicate

Look forward to meeting with you and helping you stay independent and healthier longer.

Meet Your Team

Your team has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry with a specific focus on primary care and geriatrics. Our goal is to help you live the healthiest, most independent life possible by bringing a whole person approach to primary care that focuses goals and care plans on you – your interests/goals, reducing your costs long-term, helping you navigate the complex healthcare system and connecting you to the resources you need, when you need them.

Contact Us

Connect with us and explore why whole person primary care services can work for you:

Call: 952-345-3213

Email: ShineOn@lifesprk.com

Referral line (24/7):