It’s amazing what sharing one spark can do to create momentum and improve lives.

For Lifesprk’s 10th anniversary, we want to ‘Spark the World’ with social conversation and photos that inspire and spark all of us. To join the conversation, we invite people to share what sparks their lives. Simply take a photo with our Sprk10 image (see below to download) and share it on our social pages. Then pass on the opportunity to friends and family. Join the fun and see how far your spark will go….

10th-anniversary-large-spark Why ‘Spark the World?’

Because we see far too many people in the second half of life on what Lifesprk calls the roller coaster of health care crisis, and in the midst of those life challenges, they’re at risk of losing their independence,
control and ultimately their spark. This campaign is really about changing the conversation on aging and helping people understand that sparking lives is an ageless opportunity. We believe that no matter what your age or ability, a pathway can be built to your spark . . . and we’ll all be better for it.

By sharing what sparks you, you’ll see first-hand the effect one photo can have on changing someone’s perspective on what’s possible as we age. Now, let’s go spark some lives!

How can you ‘Spark the World,’ it’s easy: Print, Post and Pass….

  • Download this Sprk10 image: Sprk10
    Take a photo of yourself with the Sprk10 doing something that sparks your life. For example, hold the Sprk10 up behind you as you are gardening, reading a book, hiking or laying on the beach, playing with your dogs, shopping, selfie with family, etc.
  • Post photo to our Lifesprk Facebook page: tag who sent it to you! Post this caption: “I’m helping Lifesprk ‘Spark the World’ by igniting a different experience for aging, one that starts with sparking lives. My spark is ____________ (fill in what sparks you, ex., family, hiking, gardening, golfing, etc.) This spark traveled to__________ (write your location so we can record how far these sparks have traveled. Remember, someone sent this spark to you and they’d love to see where it ended up). Need help posting to our Lifesprk Facebook page? No problem, email us at and we’ll help.
  • Pass the spark: email the original jpeg of the Sprk10 with the instructions to 10 friends, family and colleagues and ask them to help pass the spark – Watch the conversation grow! Get creative! Have fun! Shine on!

Need help posting your photo or have questions? Email us at and we’ll take care of the rest.

For more information about this campaign or our 10th anniversary efforts, visit our Seek On blog: Sparking the World Starts with YOU