Pass the Spark

On July 4th in Boston, the place to be is the Esplanade along the Charles River. There you’ll experience the thrill of thousands of fireworks accompanied by a rousing rendition of the 1812 Overture. Each musical note lifts you, moves you to act.

You can feel the purpose in each beat of the drums. Against the backdrop of our country’s beginning, you can almost touch the historical aura and see our forefathers’ imagination in action. It’s the music that brings this experience to life. The palpable passion of Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra is infectious.

On Independence Day sparks literally fly. It is a day of remembrance and inspiration. It is a day to honor those who passionately fought to bring unalienable rights such as the pursuit of happiness to all at the risk of their own lives.

Our forefathers have passed us their spark, with their legacy of independence. And the Boston Pops passes us their musical spark, most notably on the 4th of July, and with every performance. We all have a spark, and as we watch fireworks surround us this holiday, whether we only see them on TV or can smell the smoke in person, we encourage you to consider how YOU can spark others.

Everyone deserves to live a sparked life – it’s right there along with the rights for the pursuit of happiness. Share your own purpose and passion – when you are inspired and excited, it can be infectious to others. The sparkle in the eyes spreads.

Or you can also look for ways to spark others. Ask them questions. Help them discover (or re-discover) what is most meaningful to them in their lives. Need help? Check out our simple discovery process online, or encourage them to contact Lifesprk for a free Navigation Kit.

It’s not only our right, but also our responsibility. Pass the spark.

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