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Measurable Outcomes

Whole Person Senior Care Dramatically Reduces ER & Hospital Visits

Robert and Wife

Designed as a community-based population health management model for long-term performance improvement, our proprietary approach has cracked the code and is transforming the industry with unparalleled results – reducing client ER visits by 52% and hospitalizations by 73%! That translates into significantly lower long-term costs for clients and the system. Plus, Lifesprk leads the industry in client and employee satisfaction.

According to Lifesprk CEO & Founder Joel Theisen, “Lifesprk from its inception was built to break the cycle of readmissions so many seniors face.” It’s why our proprietary Whole Person Senior Care model includes comprehensive outcomes tracking of not only hospitalization, but quality of life, which is the new driver of population health management.

Lifesprk Is Your Forward-Thinking Partner

We believe in partnerships for life. Our long-term success means a win-win-win opportunity for seniors and their families, healthcare providers and your organization. The world of senior care is advancing and changing – it’s time to take a more enlightened, innovative approach – one you can drive throughout your organization to create real change for the better and stay ahead of the curve for success!

Fred Bishop

outcomes artworkLifesprk Delivers What No Other Partner Can:

  • Significant short and long-term health care savings
  • Better utilization of your services by clients
  • Increased ability to keep seniors within your network of care
  • Closer ongoing connection to seniors and their families
  • Extended reach into your community

See For Yourself The Huge Impact Lifesprk Is Making

Lifesprk Navigation Center Impact on One Health System

System intake satisfaction scores:

Before: 2.5
After: 4.25

Call Volume:

Before: 1,000/monthRC swoosh icon_6.28.16

After: 3,000/month

Home Care Census Growth:

Before: 400
After: 800

Another Health System Example of Lifesprk’s Impact

Before Lifesprk

Growth %

Total Referrals



Home Care






Avg. Ref./Day



Total Census



Home Care






Engagement Matters

Lifesprk measures Net Promoter Scores (nationally benchmarked customer satisfaction and loyalty scores) to help guide our progress. Scores range from -100% to 100%. Scores approaching 50% are considered exceptional. (Most companies score between the 5% and 10% range.)

Lifesprk Engagement Scores

Client engagement: 50.0%
Employee engagement: 68.18%
Professional referral source engagement: 42.0%

Don’t Just Take It From Us – Lifesprk Has Been Recognized & Awarded By:

Lifesprk Awards