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7 Essential Elements Of Wellbeing

7 Essential Elements. Endless Possibilities.

Living with purpose and passion is what drives all of us and gives our lives meaning. The balance and combination of what brings you joy are as unique as your fingerprints – it’s different for each of us. Based on our experience working with thousands of seniors over the years, we’ve focused on the most essential areas people need to live life to the fullest and created our 7 Essential Elements of Wellbeing.

Fishing-spark-trudieThink of these 7 Elements as a guidance system used by our Life Care Managers to help you examine what’s going great in your life and to reveal areas where you might need more support to flourish and shine.

A Lifesprk Life Care Manager will work with you to discover your personal 7 Essential Elements of Wellbeing to create an individualized Whole Life Plan that prioritizes and addresses your immediate needs and long-term goals. This will provide insights and opportunities to guide you on a pathway to live a sparked life with more control, independence and include the people, things, and activities you love most.

Social Supports

We all need a supportive social network to connect us to our world. We help identify and keep you close to family, friends and new people. Want to attend church every week, go to movies with your friends…we help you stay connected to the people and world around you.



Who you are and what matters most to you is important. We help share your values and live your true self. Our Life-Legacy program, for example, helps you re-connect with the past and create a future sharing memories, words of wisdom, and heritage with those you love most.


Purpose & Passion

Do you refuse to retire on life? Are you living with purpose and passion? Defining yours will help identify life-enriching opportunities that spark the reason you get up in the morning and greet each day with gusto. Is it volunteer work, being with your grandchildren, a love of gardening…you tell us what sparks your life.

Health & Wellness

Your overall health and wellbeing is fundamental to your quality of life. We assess your past and present health history to coordinate supportive services that will increase your ability to stay in control and have the life you want. If immediate health needs are interfering with your ability to focus on what’s most important to you, we’ll identify those issues, and work to get and keep them under control so you can live a sparked life!

Home & Safety

Whether you live in a house, in the community or in an assisted living environment, home is where you find comfort and peace of mind. Our goal is to safeguard your preferences, needs and desires in your home setting to protect your independence, privacy, and safety.

Thinking & Memory

Thinking and memory is the ability to remember time, places, people, and relate to people and your surroundings. Whether you have concerns or want to ensure you keep your thinking and memory in top form, our assessment will give you a starting point for identifying areas that may require support and tools to keep you at your best.


Careful financial planning and appropriate resource matching can reduce stress, provide peace of mind, and of course, spark many new possibilities! We assist you in reviewing your financial resources and help connect you with the best-fit resources to help you have the highest quality of life and control.

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Call 952-345-0919 Now To Schedule A FREE Consultation!