Optimism in Aging

When people are living a sparked life, age doesn’t matter. Just look at the new research by Pfizer which found that 41% of people over age 50 say they are ‘optimistic’ about getting old.

In fact, the study found that those who were optimistic ‘cite good health (74 percent), wisdom (72 percent) and greater appreciation for friends and family (72 percent) as the top reasons’ for their optimism. At Lifesprk, we call that living a sparked life.

Yet the study continued by showing that the majority (64%) over age 65 are more afraid of losing their independence or living with pain or physical limitations that they are of dying (7%).  At Lifesprk, we’ve found that by working with people to discover their priorities and helping them build a pathway to those goals that are most meaningful to them, we can help them to address those issues such as pain, loss of independence or physical capabilities to keep them from interfering with their goals.

And once we help people toward living a sparked life, it fees their optimism which translates into numerous health benefits for them as well. We call that a win-win-win.