Medical Alley Podcast: How Lifesprk is Improving Senior Care

In the Medical Alley Association’s latest podcast, Lifesprk CEO Joel Theisen gets candid with Frank Jaskulke, VP of Intelligence for MAA, about how Lifesprk is working to improve senior care and create a better life experience for seniors. The conversation ebbs and flows through health technology, client journeys, our ELR vs EMR, innovation, partnerships, how timing plays a role and why build in Minnesota before scaling nationally.

The podcast can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts along with Medical Alley Association’s social pages. Listen in as Joel shares a great overview of how Lifesprk is listening to the client journey and what they experience as they course through the ‘sick care’ system and how Lifesprk is tying that all together using technology to create a better experience.

Really interesting conversation and we’re grateful for the opportunity. Listen in for the full podcast…