Lifesprk, North Memorial Health Partner To Deliver Value-Based Population Health Solution System-wide

Lifesprk has partnered with North Memorial Health to delivery a senior strategy that gives older adults access to a more comprehensive, easier health and wellbeing product to improve customer experience, improve health outcomes, and reduce total cost of care.

While most health systems struggle to move beyond volume-based models and ‘triple miss,’ this powerful partnership fully integrates the entire continuum through a tech-enabled high-performance network that redesigns and redefines healthcare.  Focused heavily on keeping people well in the community, this client-centered Lifesprk Experience Alternative Delivery System (LEADS) is backed by technology that looks at a senior’s whole life, including all phases of their health care journey – tracking hospitalizations, improvements in overall wellness, and addressing social determinants of health – to serve them intelligently with community-based initiatives.

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