Move Over Grandkids – Grandma’s Getting Social

Not just for your grandkids, social media is growing rapidly among people in the second-half of life. According to the Pew Internet and American Life project, 52% of wired boomers are using social networking sites and 32% of online seniors over 65 are using social networking sites.  

Social media is everywhere.  The Huffington Post even wrote an article on the benefits of Facebook for older adults suggesting it gives them a cognitive boost and reduces stress levels, slow down heart rates and relaxes people. Last week, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reporter Urmila Ramkrishnan featured Lifesprk’s VP Marketing and Communications, Karen Carney, and social media expert, SocialNicole, in an article on how Lifesprk and other Fast 50 companies are using social media to grow their business and why.

Lifesprk believes social media is another vehicle it Ruth Halversoncan use to connect people to the people and things that resonate with them – through conversation, pictures and videos, whatever knowledge they are seeking at the moment, they can find it by reaching out to their social networks. Among the several social media options, Lifesprk uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. And Lifesprk’s Life Care Managers, like Glenda Brekke are helping their clients like Charlie Hanna get connected, too, socially speaking.

In the article, Carney mentions that on Pinterest – whose target audience is women ages 45-65 – Lifesprk has about 20 boards, including one dedicated to “awesome people in the second half of their life,” such as 100-year-old Ruth, who does Pilates, and 80-year-old Johanna Quaas, shown on balance bars doing gymnastics. Its “remember when” board has the most followers — 160 — and 312 pins. It features a nostalgic look back at things such as shoe polish with daubers and Dixie cups.

Whether it’s information you seek on long-term care insurance, getting connected, avoiding isolation or ways to remain independent, Lifesprk’s social community is alive with blogs, stories, how-tos, photos, videos and more. Its social channels have great conversations all to help change the experience for you.  And help you seek what’s on your mind.

How are you getting social?  Which social channels have connected with you? We want to know what sparks your interest!