Lifesprk’s Cramer is Poetic About Stopping the Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Kristin Cramer is a Life Care Manager (LCM), a registered nurse, for Lifesprk. She’s also a poet. For the past few months Kristin has been writing poems about her experience at Lifesprk. Why? Because as she says, ‘I love working with this company and my team,’ and in the spirit of Lifesprk’s tenth anniversary, was compelled to put these feelings on paper.

This year marks Lifesprk’s tenth anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, team members have collaborated each month to share ‘Take 10s’ – fun team-building activities that take just 10 minutes to do to highlight what it means for them to work at Lifesprk each day. Kristin’s Take 10 focused on the roller coaster. A common term used by Lifesprk, the roller coaster of health care crises illustrates the
frequent re-hospitalizations and health care crises people in the second half of life often experience. This roller coaster experience is one of the reasons all of us at Lifesprk do what we do: to change the experience for clients and families and stop the roller coaster. LCMs like Kristin provide proactive support over the long term.  Their goal is to keep people off the roller coaster and living the healthiest, most independent life possible – something Lifesprk calls living a “sparked life.”

Kristin’s poem shares some of her own experiences helping her clients stay off the roller coaster and living life, on their terms.

Here is Kristin’s poem:

Roller coasters go up, roller coasters go down
This much is proven to be true
The thrills, the chills, the total fun
Can be had by me and you.

The roller coaster of health is yet another ride
One we want to try not to use
This holds true for both the young and the old
If you got on it there’s much that you could lose.

You may lose your independence, your strength,
Your passion and more this is true,
But if you give us a chance and go with our plan
We can help keep this from happening to you.

Our goal is to break the cycle
To stop this if we can
Have faith in what we can do
We have a very good plan.

We want to see you thrive
And remain in your home if you may
Our goal is to find your purpose and passion
To help you be happy each and every day.

Our staff want to help you
To achieve all you can
We will meet with you
To discuss a good plan.

A life plan is in store
One that is all about you
So how about sitting down
For a minute or two.

Let’s discuss your hopes and your dreams
And your health history too
Because as you will see
This is all about you.

We will keep you off that roller coaster
If there is a way that we can
So let’s get together
Lets make a plan.

You are important
And still have so much to give
We want to you to get out and do things
We want you to live.

Live life to the fullest
Enjoy every day
You are all quite amazing
in each and every way.

— Kristin Cramer, RN, Lifesprk Life Care Manager

What kinds of issues are you facing for you or your aging loved one with the roller coaster of health care crises? What has helped you stop it, and live a sparked life? Share On!