Lifesprk Moving On

Lifesprk is moving on, location that is. Beginning September 11, 2013, Lifesprk’s new address will be 4570 West 77th Street, Suite 350 in Edina, MN, just a few blocks from their current location in Edina. Our phone number remains the same.

According to Joel Theisen, CEO and Founder of Lifesprk, the new office is significantly larger than Lifesprk’s current space, creating more opportunities for the entire company to be together on one floor. “We are very excited about creating a culture of fun,” added Theisen. “Part of sparking our clients’ lives is making sure our employees’ lives are sparked as well.”

Plans for the move are underway but the company will be fully operational in our new space by September 12. During the day of September 11, Lifesprk will be physically moving offices. Please be patient as this move entails changing our phone system to the new location. While the phone number will not change, the team will need to set up the phone system in the new space and this may cause some delays.

For additional details about what this means for you, please contact or call 952-345-8770.

Have any advice for us as we move our offices? Share On – we’d love to hear what’s worked for your organization and what hasn’t as you transitioned to a new space.