Lifesprk in October: A Poem by Kristin Cramer

Kristin Cramer is a Life Care Manager (LCM), a registered nurse, for Lifesprk. She’s also a poet. For the past few months Kristin has been writing poems about her experience at Lifesprk. Why? Click here to learn more about her Lifesprk poetry.

lifesprk pirates of penzance
Kristin and client Pam at the Ordway Theater in the Twin Cities

Lifesprk In October

a poem by Kristin Cramer

Nothing is impossible

This much I know is true

We want you to succeed in life

And be happy in all you do

Each and every one of you

Has a passion of some kind

We really want to invest in you

We hope that you don’t mind

We know how to get scrappy

We will help you to achieve

All we need from you right now

Is for you to just believe

Believe in yourself for starters

Then believe in our mission too

We are here to help with your life plan

We are here to help all of you

You’re worth every moment of time we spend

Actually you’re worth even more

Your happiness, your smiles and joy

Are what we are looking for

So let’s get together and discover

how we can help each one of you

Enjoy the second half of Life

Because that’s what we do

Whether its gardening, reading, dancing

Sports, games, crafts or more

We want to get together

And really start to explore

What makes you really happy

What brings a smile to your face

So let’s begin to discover

Though this is not a race

However long it takes

It’s part of our inner core

5,000,000 lives to be sparked

Or maybe even more

So nothing is impossible

This we truly do believe

Making sure you’re happy

Is a goal we want to achieve