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Lifesprk Health Team

Lifesprk Health is ready to help you live the healthiest, most independent life possible.

Dr. Nick Schneeman

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nick Schneeman believes “good geriatric care is difficult to describe. The current healthcare experience leaves seniors stuck inside a revolving door of rescue, rehab, and relapse. Most people have access but what they end up getting is just a lot of care and not the right care. We have to do better to change that experience.”

Joining Lifesprk as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nick Schneeman was the former CEO of Genevive, the largest geriatric practice in Minnesota. He was at a point in his career where he was ready to unite his skills, passion, and 30+ years of experience behind a model that is disrupting the way we deliver care not only in Minnesota, but nationally and drive solutions that serve the senior population who are substantially underserved but over-serviced by a broken, costly, and ineffective healthcare system.

Dr. Schneeman has deep experience in managing innovative companies providing complex medical care and training interdisciplinary clinical teams across multiple settings. His medical management expertise will fuel the further development of Lifesprk Health, Lifesprk’s in-home primary care practice and consultative services in transitional care units, expanding its footprint and refining its operations.

Linked In Profile: Dr. Nick Schneeman

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Cathy Lauring


Cathy Lauring, APRN, CNP
Vice President, Lifesprk Health

Cathy has over 30 years of nursing experience, most of which is specific to the senior care industry. Prior to joining Lifesprk, Cathy was the Director, Institutional/Primary Care Delivery/Integrated Care by Medica Clinic where she developed, executed and directed a virtual primary care delivery model for frail adult, senior and vulnerable populations within a health insurance framework, partnering with nursing facilities to provide coordinated onsite care. She also developed and implemented an enhanced care model to support the complex needs of a community disabled and senior population. Throughout her career, Cathy has implemented several innovative clinical programs and has a proven ability to build and develop successful, cross-functional teams, collaborating with leaders to improve health, experience, and quality of care, while reducing medical expense. Cathy holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and College of St. Scholastica, respectively, and is ANCC certified Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner.

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Sarah Johnson, APRN, CNP

Associate Medical Director

Sarah will tell you her grandparents were her most powerful inspiration. She had the privilege of spending time with Ruby in her later years of life. It was in those moments Sarah realized how broken our health care system really is as Ruby’s advocate, translator of medical
records, and navigator within the fragmented, confusing system. Even as a healthcare professional, Sarah found herself frustrated by what she experienced. This led to a newfound calling within her nursing career – she was determined to impact and create change for the senior
population so that others like Grandma Ruby could experience something better. Sarah’s grandfather ”Lee” was a great source of wisdom and support. He truly believed that Sarah and Nurse Practitioners like her are “the answer to our healthcare crisis.”

Her approach, as it was with her grandmother, is to put the focus on the client, helping them be where they want to be, doing what they want to do, and becoming as healthy and happy as possible. Her goal is to leave a footprint in the healthcare industry and serve seniors in a way that has them not just getting older but aging magnificently.

Aside from her fond memories of her grandparents, her biggest sparks come from her family especially Brent and their two children, Logan and Olivia. For Sarah, family is her greatest joy – ask her about them, she’ll be happy to share her stories and learn from yours.

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Dr. Ibrahim Mujir

Dr. Ibrahim Mujir

After nearly four decades of experience in family medicine, Dr. Mujir has come to understand the benefits of bringing care to senior clients where they are, whether in their home or in a care facility. He appreciates the Lifesprk philosophy of working together with clients,
listening to their life stories, determining their desires and then helping them navigate the care strategies that are best suited for their unique situations. Behind his gentle, attentive demeanor is a physician who is dedicated to comprehensive disease management, willing to tackle complex medical problems. As part of the Lifesprk team, his hope is that his passion and commitment will contribute to changing the aging experience.

A graduate of Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad, India, Dr. Mujir completed his internship and residency at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is currently affiliated with North Memorial Health and is a member of the Hennepin County Medical Association, the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Family Practice.

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Teresa McCartney

Nurse Practitioner

Teresa brings to the table a unique perspective, having first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to personally care for a family member living at home and transitioning their care across settings to transitional care unit, longterm care, and finally, hospice. She knows that seniors
and their families want someone on their team who listens with compassion, empathy, respect, and provides creative solutions across the health care delivery to keep people healthy and independent.

With more than 20 years of nursing experience, Teresa’s spark comes from making a difference in the lives of her senior clients. She believes their smiles and conversations make her day better. But it’s also her approach to ‘care’ that makes the difference as she holistically delivers the right support when people need it to achieve not only their health goals, but life ones as well.

Her biggest success in her nursing career was becoming a nurse practitioner. What sparks Teresa when she’s not working with you? Traveling and being outdoors – ask her where her favorite spots to travel have been. She’d be open to swapping a few travel tips!

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Chelsie Seth, CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Chelsie learned early in her healthcare career that she enjoys spending time with and caring for seniors. Nearly two decades later, she has helped many people age with grace and dignity. Chelsie first encountered Lifesprk’s innovative approach to healthcare while she was working
for a more traditional system of hospitals and clinics. Before long, she came to understand that the Lifesprk team’s passion for healthy aging, and for providing quality of life for all seniors, aligned so well with her own that she decided to become a part of it.

Today, Chelsie’s goals as a Lifesprk Nurse Practitioner are to help clients better understand their personal health situation, identify their opportunities for aging magnificently, and then work together with them and their families to create a collaborative plan for living their best, most sparked life. She feels that every day she can positively impact someone’s life is a successful one.

When she is not working with clients, Chelsie recharges by spending time in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping. And she spends time with her family, and often works alongside them on their Christmas tree farm, which also boasts strawberry and pumpkin patches.

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Kyndra Steffes

Nurse Practitioner

With Kyndra, you’ll feel like family. She takes great pride in building trusting relationships with each client and everyone in your care circle from family to providers to coordinate a seamless life experience focused on your results. She believes her role is more than managing
chronic medical conditions; it’s about helping you live your best life by addressing not only your current health status but your long-term health and life goals. By listening to each client she serves, she learns their idea of a healthy lifestyle and focuses on getting them on a path
towards improved wellness and independence.

Too often in her 10+ years of experience as a nurse, Kyndra struggled with balancing clients’ needs with the limitations of the healthcare system– she knew there had to be a better way to deliver the right care at the right time to meet their needs. With Lifesprk’s whole person
model, she is excited about being able to change your experience and deliver ‘care’ that focuses on every element important to you. The most exciting part of her job is when she sees the ‘spark’ in her clients’ eyes. That’s when she knows they’ve accomplished their goals.

It may not be surprising that her personal spark comes from surrounding herself with those she loves. When she’s not caring for your family, she spends her time enjoying her own.

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Katelyn Super

Nurse Practitioner

Katelin strives to create trusting partnerships with her clients so your life experience is rewarding, fulfilling, and in line with your personal values and goals. She believes in giving seniors a voice in how they want their care delivered, shifting the focus from managing illness to
achieving wellness and independence. Throughout her 10 years as a nurse, Katelin has learned that engaging people in goal-setting, education, advocacy, and strong communication, instead of telling them what needs to be done, is how she gets the best health outcomes for you. Empowering seniors to take control of their own health is her spark.

Passionate about integrative health and finding natural and holistic ways to meet health goals by incorporating all elements of wellbeing, Katelin is excited to be part of Lifesprk and deliver a new approach to senior care focused on the whole person. To her Lifesprk is the
innovative model seniors need to live the healthiest, most independent life possible (we call that living a sparked life). When Katelin is not busy sparking lives, you’ll find her on the open road riding her motorcycle, camping, or hiking.

She practices what she preaches – life is full of adventure and nothing holds her back from enjoying it, instilling that mindset in the clients she serves.

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Jill Titze

Nurse Practitioner

Jill has been a nurse for more than 17 years and she wants her clients to know that having a good experience is possible at every age, even amid challenging or difficult circumstances. It’s creating those experiences for seniors, even at end-of-life, that she believes is the most rewarding part of her job.

Jill’s wide range of nursing experience across the healthcare system from nursing homes to medical ICU to oncology has given her a deep knowledge of how to provide the best care for any situation a client is facing. What she loves most about her current nursing role is
that her passion for geriatrics is shared among an entire team and that is something she’s found to be unique in healthcare. Working along-side so many like-minded caregivers is exciting and why together, her team can put a spark in clients’ eyes.

As people live longer and with more chronic and multiple medical conditions, the one thing Jill hopes to share with her clients is that there is more to life than living in a health system that focuses only on their disease or illness. It’s why Jill’s biggest priority is ‘kicking’ out the notion that living with a spark isn’t possible. Ask her about it. Aside from being a nurse, Jill is also a kickboxing, strength, and nutritional coach – she can share tips with you on all aspects of living well!

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