Lifesprk Experience: A Christmas Cookie Wish Come True

Baking cookies for the holidays is a family tradition for many. But it was a struggle for Lifesprk client Elizabeth, who has Lewy body dementia, a brain disease that causes progressive loss of memory as well as spatial problems and falls. She never thought she’d be able to enjoy that special tradition again. 

Lifesprk had the right recipe to make her wish come true – thanks to her Life Care Manager Cathy Clark, RN, and her home health aide Sarah (pictured with Elizabeth). They volunteered to spend an entire afternoon to help and support her through each step of the mixing and baking process.

Elizabeth’s smile tells the whole story. This wish illustrates the vital purpose of simple, everyday tasks in our lives. As Elizabeth’s significant other described: “It’s stellar!”

And with the enticing aroma of warm, fresh-baked cookies filling her home, Elizabeth and her friends and family enjoyed those extra special cookies at a holiday celebration that evening!