Lifesprk Client Shares His Own Experience On Needing Senior Care, When He Least Expected It

Fish Discover Water Last

It’s kind of a funny saying, “fish discover water last.”  Basically, it means we often take the most essential things we need for granted.  On Friday morning, October 12, I woke up at 3 AM and was having a hard time breathing.  I called 911 and wound up in the hospital for a week.

As a key part of my discharge planning, I used a great senior care company, Lifesprk, to help me transition back to my healthy self.  The Lifesprk physical therapist who saw me gave me seven specific exercises to do to expand my lung capacity.  Three days later I am breathing better than I have been in years.  The Lifesprk nurse helped me reschedule some appointments to give me more time to recover.

Having an advocate and a caring family of people to help me is really a lifesaving thing.  I don’t know how much feedback Lifesprk gets, but I hope they realize they make a difference.

Why does not taking things for granted matter?  Breathing is important; we normally don’t have to think about it, until we do.     

Article by Dr Jim Lynn

Jim Lynn is the founder of Lynn & Associates and has been consulting with business leaders for more than thirty years. As a psychologist, he studies behavior in the workplace. He writes about why people do the things they do, the way ideas spread, human behavior, quality and the way culture is formed, leadership, teams and most of all, living your life on purpose.  He is working with a select number of clients to help them grow their businesses.  And, he is Hatching a new CEO peer group, a very different kind of peer group.   For example, he teaches CEOs how to give advice in peer groups that gets accepted.