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Pioneering Nursing Role Creatively Addressing All Seniors’ Needs

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Why we love this role: This is nursing the way we always wanted it to be.  It’s geriatric care manager meets up-stream hospice nurse – combining the advocacy and education with a compassionate role that focuses on the individual, bringing together everything we love about this profession into one role that sparks lives. The best part? We move away from ‘care’ and help people live well, longer, wherever they call home.

It’s a team approach that focuses on improving a person’s whole life experience through education, advocacy, and prevention.

What it’s not: Caregiving oversight or managing paperwork. This is about creating better situations for people to lead healthier lives.

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Lifesprk is embarking on a major opportunity to deliver value-based care for seniors that is innovative and inspiring in the Twin Cities. We are seeking nurses who are ready to shift the focus from reactive, medically-driven care to one that is proactive and focuses on wellness to deliver real value to the aging population. If that’s you, you’re going to love the Life Manager (Life Experience Nurse) role.

By focusing on everything a person needs to live a healthier, more independent life, our Life Managers get to be creative in how they educate, advocate, prevent crises, and improve the lives of the seniors they serve, helping them live with purpose and passion, and avoid health crises (something we call, ‘living a sparked life).

Lifesprk LMs are on the cusp of a pioneering role that nurses have long desired. This is about breaking through the boundaries that have gotten in the way of nursing the way you believe people deserve to improve their overall health and life experience. Ready to create the change the health care system needs? Discover the Lifesprk difference….

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In Our Nurses Words….