Lifesprk Caregiver:

I would like to ask for your assistance in helping to roll out caregiver documentation via the Lifesprk Employee App.  If you complete the training shift by successfully “clocking out” of the training visit before 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 28th, I will send you $5 cash in the mail to the address Lifesprk has on file for you.  This will be mailed no later than Friday, July 7th.

If you would like to assist, please follow these directions:

  1. Install or update to the latest version of the Lifesprk Employee App on your smartphone using the app store for your device.
  2. View your visits in the app.
  3. Locate the “TRAINING COMMUNITY Edina – Potter” training visit that has been added to your calendar.  (It appears on 6/28/2017 at 4 PM.)
  4. Tap on the visit.
  5. Read the notes and follow the directions.  Note that the first care plan item does not contain instructions.  Rather it is there to show you what a typical care will look like.

Thank you,

Jeff Baker

Director of Technical Operations