Identify questions in the midst of change and online

Who am I? We’ve all confronted this question, and many of us face it multiple times throughout our lives. For example, becoming a family caregiver can be a significant milestone that causes us to pause to re-examine our identity. Who am I? What is my identity? What do I value? 

Now social media has created a potential new twist in our identity quest. Larry Ackerman, Lifesprk Advisory Board member and well-known authority on identity, raises questions about how “social media has the potential to behave like a proverbial Siren Song, calling us away from the safety of our true selves.”

In the latest issue of his Identity Insights newsletter, he explains that by “fabricating identities online, people unwittingly pull themselves away from their core, stretching the band of credibility, sometimes to the breaking point.”

Larry has a vision where we bring our true selves into the social media experience. And of course we should be doing that every day in all aspects of our lives.

Identity is one of the 7 elements of Wellbeing at Lifesprk. Being true to your identity and further discovering it are essential components of the Lifesprk ExperienceTM.

To paraphrase Larry and Erik Erikson, one of the pre-eminent psychologists of the 20th century, having an identity – knowing who you are – gives people a sense of control that allows them to navigate through life.

Why is our identity so important? According to Larry, “we all operate better when we align what we do with who we are.” There are more reasons on Larry’s web site. The key points: We’re happier, we’re healthier, and we know why we do what we do.

Are you facing questions about who you are in the midst of a changing role? Would you like to be more true to your identity? Check out Lifesprk’s simple discovery process online for you or your loved one, and visit Larry’s web site The Identity Circle or find out more about Identity Mapping ®

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