Give to the Max: Give On!

Four years ago, the face of charitable giving was dramatically changed for the better with the launch of the Give to the Max Day, and it all started in Minnesota.

GiveMN was designed and launched by the Minnesota Community Foundation in 2009 in partnership with 14 other funders. They were inspired by trailblazing e-philanthropy ventures such as Kiva and DonorsChoose that were using technology to create powerful, personal giving experiences for donors. GiveMN’s founders wanted to leverage technology to increase giving in Minnesota.

The collaboration has facilitated the raising of more than $48 million in donations to 6,100 Minnesota not-for-profits, and has become one of the nation’s leading web portals for charitable giving.

At Lifesprk, we believe in changing the experience for people in the second half of life and work with several local, not-for-profit organizations that are working to do the same. These are just a few:

We applaud their efforts, and encourage you to support our not-for-profit colleagues who are participating in Give to the Max Day on Thursday, November 15, 2012. 

Give on to help us change on!