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Financial Planners Association

Safeguarding your client’s financial portfolios is a top priority – we want the same thing – for seniors and their adult children to have the financial resources they need to live healthier, more independent lives. It’s actually one of our seven elements of wellbeing that we ‘spark’ with each of our clients. As we plan for that future, we can’t overlook the role health plays in maintaining control, vitality and their long-term goals. One health episode can jeopardize all of it, but it doesn’t have to, especially with a whole person senior care model.Consider Lifesprk your partner in ensuring your client’s financial dollars go further, shutterstock_264797456-wnot just for seniors but for their adult children. That’s two generations of clients (maybe more) that we can help you protect their health and wealth, retain them as clients longer and build ties for generations to come.

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