Which Famous TV Caregiver Are You?

Adult ChildFun Social Game Celebrates National Family Caregivers Month and Chance to Win

November is National Family Caregivers Month and the theme according to Caregiver Action Network is ‘Take Care to Give Care.’ We know there are 43.5 million of you providing unpaid care for a loved one right now and we want you to hear this: Remember to take care to give care. The stress of dealing with caregiving responsibilities leads to a higher risk of health issues among the nation’s family caregivers. Think about that for a moment, caring for a loved one is a tremendous job. But if you get sick, who will care for them? Maintaining your own personal health isn’t being selfish, it’s smart. And we know laughter is the best medicine.

While caregiving can be stressful, there are also opportunities for your life to be ‘sparked’ (a term we use to describe when people are living healthier, more independent lives.)  To add a little laughter to your life and help celebrate National Family Caregivers Month, Lifesprk has developed a game for adult children who are caregiving for older loved ones: ‘Which Famous TV Adult Child Are You?’ And there are prizes for playing along – each week beginning October 24 and running through December 4, we will give away a $25 gift card and at the end of the game, one $100 gift card grand prize . To be entered to win, you need to play the game (and don’t forget to share it for bonus points).

Many TV icons today portray the humorous and loving relationships between children and aging parents – they make us laugh and cry right along with them. For those of you in the midst of caring for aging parents or getting ready to plan ahead for those conversations, do you ever think about what kind of caregiver you’re most like? Are you a ‘Golden Girl’ and like Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak surround yourself with the people and things you love most, including your mother, who despite periodic disagreements, you’d do anything for. Or are you a ‘Ray Barrone’ who lives next (or near) to your parents and play the balancing act between being a son to a doting mother and a husband to a controlling wife (okay maybe not that part, but you know what we mean). It might be neither but you relate to Ray because you love having your parents as a major part of your life even if they drive you crazy sometimes. And those serious tough subjects, you just laugh them off.

Famous TV adult children portray a Hollywood version of caregiving but it’s not always reality for the modern-day caregiver. Who are they? Most likely you. USA Today shared in their blog post a few characteristics of both you and your care recipient that we found helpful:

A modern-day caregiver is:

  • 60% female
  • 82% are taking care of one person
  • 85% are taking care of a relative; 49% parent or parent-in-law; 10% spouse
  • 49 years old on average but 7% are 75-years old or older

A modern-day care recipient is:

  • 65% female (females have longer life expectancy)
  • 69 years old, on average
  • 35% are suffering from a long-term physical condition; 35% have a short-term physical condition; 26% have memory problems
  • 37% have more than one ongoing problem or illness
  • 53% have been hospitalized in the past year

Do any of these represent your situation?  Caregiving is challenging. Remember to take time to breathe, time for yourself and reach out if you need a little support to help you and your loved one live healthier, more independent lives.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes and play our game. After you take it, we challenge you to write down all things that you enjoy about caregiving. Then write down all the pain points, concerns and wishes you could change about your current experience and call us. We can help you with that list so that the aging and caregiving experience becomes a ‘sparked’ one for both you and your older loved one.

Play On! Caregive On! And of course LAUGH ON!