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December with Lifesprk: A Poem by Kristin Cramer

Kristin Cramer is a Life Care Manager (LCM), a registered nurse, for Lifesprk. She’s also a poet. For the past few months Kristin has been writing poems about her experience at Lifesprk. Why? Click here to learn more about her Lifesprk poetry.

December with Lifesprk
a poem by Kristin Cramer

It ends with a spark

Is this month’s theme

The anniversary may end

But never the dream


Our dream to spark lives

Will continue each year

For our seniors and their happiness

Which we hold very dear


So let’s not look at this as an end

But the start to so much more

And after we spark 5,000,000 lives

A new goal we will explore


Our goal can be large

Because when we work as a team

We can tell all the seniors

That they can start to dream


Dream of their favorites

Places, foods, and much more

Dream of their hobbies and interests

From either now or before


For seniors are our passion

And their families are too

Someday not too far off

That will be me and you


So let’s take the time

And the effort to show we care

And help them discover their passion

Let’s help them to share


Share their memories, their talents

Their smiles and much more

They have so much to offer

So much to adore

If it weren’t for our seniors

We wouldn’t have what we do

They worked hard all their lives

And endured so much too


So it’s time to give back

To all the seniors we see

So many wishes to uncover

They need you and me


Help to discover their purpose in life

And their passions and much more

Hearts filled with joy and happiness

Is what will be in store


Shine on, dream on,

Discover on too

This all can be done

By me and by you


So let’s get started team

There’s no time better in sight

Happy Anniversary to all

And to all a good night