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Client Stories

Elaine Brings Friends Together

Elaine Weise is the quintessential hostess. She had been attending luncheons for years with her church friends, and has always loved the energy and attention to detail that hostessing required. Elaine Brings Friends TogetheAfter Elaine moved to Brightondale, a SilverCrest property, she longed for the friendships she had formed and the socials she attended at her church. Not seeing them regularly or participating in the monthly socials was difficult. With the support of her Lifesprk Life Care Manager (LCM), a registered nurse, she was soon playing hostess again.

Working together, Elaine and her LCM identified two goals in her Life Plan: plan a social for her church friends as “bragging rights” for the wonderful care she was receiving at Brightondale and have a massage. Elaine and her LCM began planning her social and was excited about sharing this new phase of life with her dearest friends.

A personalized invitation was designed, with Elaine’s approval, for friends to attend a church social at the Brightondale Café. Elaine and her LCM jointly managed all the little details from pink linens and flowers to the food that was served. Dressed in hats and their Sunday best, Elaine’s friends had a wonderful day. Elaine was left feeling the same pride she had felt so many times before, and after the party received her second wish — a massage with her best friend, Nancy! With Lifesprk, sparks happen all the time proving that when you focus on the person and reignite their spark anything’s possible.