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Client Stories

Sparks Fly on A Carousel Ride

Mavis-on-carouselMavis’s dad died when she was seven leaving finances for her family extremely tight. Money was used for food and necessities, so riding carousels was a rare luxury. That was 84 years ago. Until Mavis became a Lifesprk client, she never thought she’d feel that joyous feeling of riding a carousel again.

While visiting Mavis, her Life Care Manager (LCM), a registered nurse, asked Mavis about all the little trinkets in her apartment. One in particular, the carousel, really caught her attention. Mavis explained that she used to love carousels, especially the ones that went up and down. Because money was tight Mavis shared that she wasn’t able to ride on them as much as she’d have liked. What did her LCM do? She helped Mavis ride on a carousel.

It wasn’t just any carousel either. After some research, her LCM found the original Minnesota State Fair carousel at the Como Park Zoo. This Cafesjian’s Carousel featured rows of antique horses and scenic paintings and is one of the oldest carousels in the country. It was the perfect setting for Mavis’s wish.

Mavis rode the horses with the support of her LCM holding her safely until the ride ended. Mavis‘s smile was picture-perfect as the horses glided to the carousel music.

Somewhere inside Mavis that music is still playing. Through Lifesprk’s commitment to helping spark people’s lives, her LCM discovered Mavis’s long-held passion. And on that day, Mavis’s eyes and expression said it all.