Taking Aging to the Next Level – Aging 2.0

Lifesprk Chief Technology Officer John Fraser headed to San Francisco this week to network with big thinkers and industry influencers on key trends in technology and senior care at Aging 2.0’s OPTIMIZE Conference. He’s also a guest panelist amid some of the country’s biggest innovators during one of the conference’s breakout sessions where he will present ‘Innovations in Home Care.’

Part of what sets Lifesprk apart from traditional home care companies is our aging-2-0forward-thinking and interest in discovering new innovations that enhance our clients’ experiences. Technology is a passion of John’s and he’s excited (or ‘sparked’ as we say at Lifesprk) to focus his discussion on technology adoption and the importance of having that advocate within the operations team to help drive successful adoption.  “We will focus specifically on the employee app we developed and the steps we took to pilot, adjust, educate, adopt, measure with accountabilities through reporting to ensure our success,” shared John.

With the anticipated demographic shift and the aging population expected to double (some even suggest triple), we want to do everything we can to provide our clients and families with the most current technologies and innovations available to improve their results and spark lives.  Proactive planning and connecting with influencers and thought-leaders across the country in senior care helps us do our part to change the experience and change the way this country cares for our aging population – better care, better health and reduce cost!

Innovate On!